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SQF Syntax Highlights - ArmaScript Update


cause i use this plugin till today and like it realy much i had spend some time to update it. Syntax-Highlight is supported for all functions till Arma 3 version 1.56. Calltips for new commands are not supported. (to much work for add it by manually...) Also i had changed a little bit the style for comments and for global variables.

For the people who like ArmaScript like me - i wanna share it with you. The Download includes N++ in version 5.6.8 to support the project manager.


Follow the readme for install-instructions:
ArmA Script Recoded 1.32
a Notepad++ plugin
Original from I0n0s, aka Jonas Scholz from 2009 --->
Updated by Psychobastard in 23.02.2016

This packet contains: Notepad++ Version 5.6.8, updated ArmaScript till Arma 3 Version 1.56

ArmaScript needs a N++ version lower 5.7 for a working project manager with ArmaScript. The old N++ version works fine and i love the project manager so i see no reason
for me to switch to latest versions with sqf syntax highlighter without this feature. (furthermore, this syntax highlighter looks very nice)
What have i did: It's nearly original file from I0n0s. I simplay add all new scripting commands since 2010. The new commands do not support the calltips. (to much work!)

To keep it simple i had add a ready N++ installation folder for copy&paste to your wanted destination folder.

- SQF syntax hughlights
- Project Manager
- auto completition (need to be enabled in N++ options)
- support of Mikeros DePBO
- Calltips for most variables funtions by mouse over (till Arma 2 version 1.05)

1. If you allready use N++ make a backup of your old installation!
2. Delete/remove/uninstall/cleanup actual N++ installation (installation folder & %APPDATA% folder, e.g. AppData\Roaming\notepad++\plugins)
3. copy the N++ folder from "InstallDir" to your destination folder you like
4. cope the N++ folder from "Roaming" to your %APPDATA% location into Roaming
5. start N++ .exe from the install dir
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